Futami Meotoiwa, Mie

Meotoiwa is a shrine in Futami, Mie. Every year between May to July, the sunrise can be visible between the two rocks on a clear day.

Maruyama Senmaida, Mie

Maruyama Senmaida in Kumano part of Mie currently has as the name suggests over a thousand rice steps. Built during the early 1600s, excavations indicate the rice terrace used to number 2240.

Yokkaichi Oil Refinery, Mie

Not my usual area of photography or what I consider to be beautiful but given the increased hype by photo enthusiasts, I decided to stop by the large oil refinery for a night capture. The sheer size and mechanicalness of the refinery reminded me of the hidden cost to the advancement of humanity, similar to Mako energy provider Shinra Corp in FF7.