Kamikochi, Nagano

Okuhotakadake range taken in October 2012. I was lucky to capture this view on the morning of the year’s first snowfall.

Taisho Lake was formed when Mt Yake (in the background) erupted in 1915 leaving behind this unique scenery of trees in the middle of the lake.

Hotaka Range, Nagano

Below were taken on a clear morning near the peak of Okuhotaka, 3190m the 3rd tallest and Karasawadake, 3110m the 8th tallest mountain in Japan.

Captured near the peak of Kitahotaka, 3106m the 9th tallest mountain in Japan.

Jonendake, Nagano

Yarigatake, Nagano

Below edgy rock is the last leg of Mt Yari’s climb to the top. At 3180m, Mt Yari is Japan’s fifth tallest mountain.  You can see the colorful trail of people lining up to make the final ascent.